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Things to Do

During winter here; you can choose to take off on a snow machine/snowmobile, or you can take a dog mushing tour, go skiing, snowshoeing, and so much more.  You may take a day cruise, by snow machine, over to nearby villages on the historic Iditarod Trail; or if you chose to make a weekend camping trip out of it, there are safety cabins along the way. The Aurora Borealis, aka Northern Lights, is also one of the many things distinct to Alaska.  If laying in the snow bank beware of our Northern Lights, one of many beliefs is that if you whistle they will come down and cut off your head. Only brave will whistle to watch them dance.

During the warmer months, some like to enjoy a good cruise through the mud, (aka mud bogging) on our 4-wheelers (ATVs). We have a road that leads out of town, 15 miles to nowhere, with some of the best breathtaking views. On clear days, about 10 miles out of town, you can even see The Great Denali mountain in the Alaska Range which one of North America’s tallest peaks. At the end of the road is a rock quarry called Noir Hill - hike to the top and see the mountain range from a different view but watch out for the hawks that live on the hill.  On this road you can use any transportation your heart desires; walk, bike, drive a scooter, ATV or a truck, and you may also want to bring some kayaks or canoes to check out our beautiful lake, a local swimming hole, that is out there too.

A beautiful boat ride is just seconds away; go up the Takotna to hunt our favorite rock, the Agate, or cruise the Mighty Kuskokwim to look for prized mammoth fossils while also keeping an eye out for our vast species of wildlife. There are many birds to see, and an abundance of different fish to catch. Our section of the river is wide and fairly calm, great for beginning paddlers in kayaks or canoes.

On the opposite side of the Kuskokwim river, just across from McGrath, is what we call “old town”, where the original town of McGrath was first established. And some would say the best way to end your stay is to experience an evening bonfire with the locals, enjoying our midnight sun, watching it lightly skim across the horizon before coming back up again.

During the summer months and the Back to Blue-Grass Festival there is a community inflatable water park set-up at the park for you and your kids to enjoy.