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City Council

Current list of City Council Members:

Seat A - Robert "Bob" Magnuson, Sr. (Seat A term 2023-2026)
Seat B - Barbara Deardorff, Vice-Mayor (Seat B term 2022-2025)
Seat C - LaRae Gray (Seat C term 2021-2024)
Seat D - Open (Seat D term 2023-2026)
Seat E - Mike Tierney, Mayor (Seat E term 2022-2025)
Seat F - Tim Yoder (Seat F term 2021-2024)
Seat G - Joyce Turner (Seat G term 2021-2024)

McGrath City Council

City Council governs the municipality through policies, ordinances, established in the McGrath City Code. The Code is modified and updated through an approved public process as necessary to remain relevant to the community’s current needs.

McGrath City Council meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7pm in the Assembly Room of the Cap’n Snow Center.  City Council meetings are open to the public.

Here’s a quick overview of the roles of the City Council:  Members volunteer their time to act on behalf of all McGrath residents for the good of the entire community. The Council plans for the future well-being of McGrath by determining what services are needed and what can be provided. Council considers issues, proposals and projects throughout the year. These may be referred to a Committee for further public discussion. Committees make recommendations. Council works with City staff to plan future activities, projects, budgeting funds and establishing policies.

Does serving on the City Council interest you? If so, contact the City office at (907) 524-3825. Election Day is the first Tuesday in October. Any seats not filled during the election may be appointed. Appointed seats serve until the next election.

Office of  Mayor

The posiiton of Mayor is elected by and from the City Council for a term of one year and until a successor is elected. The Mayor takes office on the first Tuesday after certification of the regular Election.

Office of Vice Mayor

The Council elects a Vice Mayor from among its membership to serve in the temporary absence of the Mayor.