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McGrath Health Center 

Phone (907) 524-3299


Call 911 for Medical Emergencies

The McGrath Regional Health Center is one of several rural community health centers managed by Southcentral Foundation. The health center is located in McGrath, 220 miles northwest of Anchorage — near the confluence to the Kuskokwim and Takotna rivers. The facility is 6,100 square feet and was named the Rose Winkleman Building after a local woman who served the community as a health aide for more than 40 years. McGrath Regional Health Center is a Federally Qualified Health Center that offers high-quality services, family wellness, and shared responsibility for everyone (regardless of IHS status) at any stage of life.

Services are available to all members of the communiy on a sliding fee scale depending upon both household income and size. The McGrath Subregional Health Center team will work in partnership with you — and in partnership with each other — to ensure you receive the tools, support, and resources you need to make health-related decisions, and that all your health needs are addressed. 

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