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Public Works

The City of McGrath Public Works oversees and maintains the City's infrastructure including the water plant, sewer & water distribution systems, fire hydrants, landfill, roads, vehicles, equipment and buildings. 

The City's Maintenance Shop recently installed a waste oil burning heater to warm the work space. This is saving on the cost of heating fuel and providing a service to the community. Used oil that would have to be disposed of is used to heat the Shop.  

Road maintenance is an on-going task for the Public Works Operator. Summer grading to reduce pot holes and winter snow plowing to remove snow are top priorities for the City of McGrath.

Public Works reminds residents that it is not safe to pass the road grader. If you are approaching the grader, pull over, stop and let it pass. If you are behind it on the road, just slow down and follow. Its not safe to pass the grader! 

The City Landfill features a public use burn box where residents can dispose of trash at any time. McGrath Native Village Council (MNVC) maintains bins at the burn box for non-burnable items such as aerosols, paint, and batteries. Just beyond the burn box is the "recycle" side of the landfill. This is the spot to dispose of large items and things that are reusable. Many treasures are to be found here. If you have items to dispose of, place them off the side of the access road. Please help us maintain the small turn-around at the end of the access road.  

MNVC maintains recycling bins on Chinana Avenue for glass, tin, and aluminum recycling. Electronics, refrigerators, microwave ovens & other household items are also collected and shipped out for recycling. Contact MNVC at (907) 524-3024 for more information about the Recycling Program.